This is a temporary page, the pictures are taken with my webcam, therefore the quality could be better.

Bøv discovered Phumba

WHAT is that? On MY floor?!

John with Jack (behind his arm)

A little bit of Jack

Bøv carefully examining Jack

Now what?

Phumba on the middle of the floor. It's MY house now!

Duh, is this dangerous?

Jack in the box. And out of the box

Phumba examining her new home

What's over here?

That's worth a look

YAAAAAAWN. I'm tired

Well, I might as well get some sleep, this place looks ok.

The pictures above are taken on 14.08.2001.
The pictures below are taken from 15-19.08.2001


Jack in action

Shhhh.. I'm sleeping

Jack doing his favourite task

Jack with a rabbit fur

Phumba and the fur mouse

Keeping up appearences doesn't always work